Keystone Mobile Home Park in Largo, Florida - an all-age family mobile home park




Frequently Asked Questions - Keystone Mobile Home Park
1. Q. Are rentals available at Keystone Mobile Home Park?
A.  No, all residents are home owners.  Lot rent and water are additional monthly fees.  


2.  Q. How much does it cost to move in?  
A.  FEES:  Application Fee $30 per adult 18 and older, non-refundable. 
                                 Lot rental fee $300 per month. 
                                 Water/Sewer/Garbage on site for minimum $46 per month.
                                 These fees are in addition to purchase price of your home.


3. Q. Are pets allowed at Keystone Mobile Home Park?
A. Yes pets are allowed but no new dogs, unless it's a service dog with papers.  


4. Q. Do I have to sign a lease?
A. Yes.  


5. Q. Do you offer any amenities? 
A. Shuffleboard courts and year-round lawn maintenance, free of charge. 


6. Q. What time is the park office open?       
A. Monday through Friday  8:00am to Noon,  on call until 5:00 pm.
Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. 
For your convenience there is a slot in the office door for payments
or other written communications, when the office is closed.  
Extended phone contact hours are from 5:00 - 9:00 pm.  


7. Q. What happens if something in my  home needs repair?
A. Keystone Mobile Home Park is responsible for water mains and electric at the pole only.  
The home-owner is responsible for all other maintenance needs.  


8. Q. Is Keystone Mobile Home Park only for people 55 + ?  
A. No.  Keystone Mobile Home Park is an all-age community. 


9. Q. Where is Keystone Mobile Home Park located? 
A. Keystone Mobile Home Park location:  620 Clearwater-Largo Road N. Largo, FL
Near shopping, laundry, and convenience stores.  See map & Google Earth page.


                     PHONE: 727-584-2200     Home page