Frequently Asked Questions - Hillside Mobile Home Park


1.Q. What does it cost to rent a mobile home at Hillside Mobile Home Park?

A. Please see our Rental Rates page for the rent-to-own prices.   

2. Q. What is the cost to move in? 

A. Move-in with a $500 down payment plus $260 first month lot rent.

3.Q.  Are pets allowed? 

A.  Cats are allowed, but no dogs are allowed after October 1, 2014.     

4.Q. Do you have a "rent-to-own" plan?  

A. Yes, all the mobile homes are rent-to-own.  Please call for availability.   

5.Q. Does Hillside Mobile Home Park accept children?

A. Yes, we're an all-age family mobile home park.   

6.Q. Where is Hillside Mobile Home Park located?  

A.  2359 Mims Road, Hephzibah, Georgia 30815

7.Q. What happens when I pay off my mobile home? 

A. Your monthly payments  will be reduced to lot rent (presently $200 per month) and water. 

8.Q. Who do I  pay for utilities?

A. You pay Hillside for water and Georgia Power for electricity.  

9.Q. Do I have to cut my own lawn?

A. No, we have a lawn service.  

10.Q. Are the appliances gas or electric? 

A. All our mobile homes use electric appliances.  

11.Q. Do you have any vacant lots?  

A. Yes, Hillside Mobile Home Park has vacant lots for your trailer.

Office Phone:
(706) 560-0098
2359 Mims Road
Hephzibah, Geogia 30815